About Me

I’m a UX and UI Designer, currently living in Washington, DC, but originally from India. The need to create beautiful design and inspired products that delighted users is what led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in Architecture that resulted in me moving to Iowa to pursue a graduate degree in Interior Design. While working on interior design freelance projects and improving my portfolio, I started to get into web development to have a little more control over my layouts. Interest peaked, I started working on a number of inline courses and proudlly wore the front end developer title for 3 years at companies like Ford Motor Company and Envirta Technologies.

Constant learning is something that is very important to me, and it only made sense to be as dedicated to creating beautiful design, as it was to code efficent and functional websites. That is how I came across design lab’s UX academy course, and in 3 months of intense learning, I am looking to work at great companies and meet like minded creators and teams!